Toilet Duty

The school is under construction, and we're using temporary buildings. Now the teachers have their own restroom that the kids aren't allowed to use. That being the case, the teachers have to clean it. Although today I did see Mr. Fix-it walk in the men's room with a broom and one of the other teachers was thanking him. So I suspect the guys don't have to clean. But the ladies have to take turns cleaning the toilets.

At first, I didn't think about the fact that I was the last name on the list. Now that it's the middle of winter. The floor is blue-gray linoleum and there is nowhere for dust to hide. There's also nowhere for those damn 2-3 inch pubes to hide either.

And since we don't have the janitors (no school in nippon does), the kids are responsible for cleaning their toilets. I haven't seen what they've done in the new building, but if the old building is anything to go by, I'd rather not see.

It must be a big deal, though, because during the teacher's meeting the other day one of the teachers was telling the others about that situation. And while he was talking he told one of the teachers (I don't know who) not to laugh.

Before this summer I thought that guy was kind of a go-between the office and the staffroom, but after he blew up and screamed at someone, I found out he's on the same level as everyone else and that he was just randomly chosen to make announcements from the front office. So now I think he's the Japanese Dwight Schrute.

Luckily I am spared the brunt of his taking-that-responsibility-too-serious-ness because he doesn't think I understand what he's saying.