My Students

So today I decided to do a story relay in Difficult Sensei's class. In this activity the student writes something and then fold down the paper so the next person can only see the last line. From this they must guess what the story is and write more. I had the kids write 2 sentences and fold the paper down so you could only see one of them. The theme was "scary stories." Here's 2 of them:

I was walking in the park at night. It was very dark. Something moved. It was my hair. However the panda is not the only endangered species on earth. So we have to help them. It is 12 o'clock so I am very very hungry. I want to eat. I want to eat a lot of apples. My favorite food is apple. How about Mr. Tanaka? I think that Mr. Tanaka likes apple but he likes papaiya too.


The man lives in the town. He went to Mr. T's house. Because he loves Mr. T. Mr. T is a nice teacher. He likes Asian foods. So Aota went to a resturant. Aota ordered orange juice. But Aota don't like orange juice. Why Aota ordered orange juice?