Vigilante Justice: Japanese Old People Style

I had a big Japanese test this weekend. I had been studying a little bit every day, but I was cramming from after work on Friday until very  early on Sunday morning. I didn't sleep on Saturday, and I didn't go to bed until late on Sunday so I was dead at work on Monday. I thought maybe I could squeeze in an hour or so for a nap before my English class on Monday night. I woke up about 20 minutes after when I was supposed to have met the family. In a panic I gathered my coloring sheets and electronic dictionary and ran out the door. I went to open the gate to go out into the street and saw a tumbleweed sitting there. It was carefully placed on the stoop (or whatever you'd call the poured concrete that is 2 inches tall and only extends about 2.5 feet from my gate).

I'm pretty sure that this was a message.

I think someone pulled the old grass/ dead weeds from either a: the crack in the ground under my mailbox where grass comes out or b: the ditch that runs along the side of my house. Then they quickly formed them into a tumbleweed about as big around as a steering wheel.

I was in a hurry and didn't have time for this, so I ran off for my appointment.

When I came back the tumbleweed had blown perfectly into the center of the small intersection a few feet south of my house. I went inside and left it there.

I got up this morning, in a hurry again, to get to school.

The tumbleweed had been placed back in front of the gate.

Not really thinking I picked it up and threw it beside the gate, on the inside.

It hit me when I got to work what I should do with the tumbleweed.

If this person was OCD enough to do this, then I think it would be the best placed the tumbleweed next to the gate on the inside. If I left it out on the street side eventually someone would begrudgingly pick it up and throw it away (much like the time someone placed a small bag of dog shit that they had apparently poop-n-scooped during their dog's walk -- I took that bag and slung it into the intersection. It was gone the next day). But if I had left it in a spot clearly visible on the inside of the gate that would probably send someone off the deep end.