Visiting the Dermatologist

Sunday I went to the dermatologist in Kobe. My second visit. I have done pretty good with that. I made the phone call and the first appointment by myself and used their Japanese language map to find the office. I even managed to fill out most of the paperwork they've given me to fill out. I just wish my speaking would catch up. The best part of going to this place is that after getting through all the hoops, I go back to the office to see the dermatologist and she speaks a little English!

So for this second appointment, I had made an appointment with the spa. I was going to get the 15 minute facial. This was my first kind of facial treatment ever. I remember reading about how this treatment uses the Vitamin C cream and electricity. I had a quick consultation with the esthetician and then went to a small room. I had to take off my shoes, but on slippers and shuffle two feet to the bed, take off the slippers and lay down. The esthetician covered me in a thin terry cloth blanket and sat at the head of the "bed." Then she lifted the top of the blanket and asked me to hold the "bar" with my right hand. It was something the size and weight of a roll of dimes and covered in a squishy piece of gauze.

I could hear her adjusting the machine on the right side of the bed, above my head and out of my line of sight. Then she asked me to close my eyes and began to apply some liquid to my face. She spread the liquid around with a thinner piece of metal covered in another squishy piece of gauze. She passed it over my forehead, and I could feel little static electricity fuzzies. I made a noise and the lady said I should let her know if I felt worried.

The treatment was interesting. And afterwards I felt like I had drank about 5 cups of coffee.

The only bad thing was that I had forgotten to bring my make up with me, so I had to ride back to Himeji with no make up. It wouldn't have been so bad except that three stops before Himeji on the express train the announcer said that the train wasn't going to Himeji. I thought I could get around it by taking another. However, on that one I realized that I would have to take another train a few stops backward and change to the compeditor's train line because none of the trains that I could ride from Company A were going to Himeji.

So what should have been a 40 minute ride (plus 10 more min for my bike home) turned into almost an hour and a half/ 2 hours.

The very worst part was that we were supposed to have a takoyaki party at my house that evening. I was getting called/ texted by at least 2 or 3 people as I was getting angrier about the train situation.