So I was kind of bullied into going to practice with the girls' softball team after school yesterday. I was originally put out to "play" left as Aine (one of the second year students -- who, incidentally, is also in the English Speaking Society) wasn't there yet. I stood out there with a glove and the sun in my eyes. Luckily no one hit anything my way.

Now, if you'll imagine, instead of having separate areas for all the sports teams at my school, we have two dirt lot areas. There's one huge one that the soccer team practices on one side and the baseball team practices on the other. Then, orbiting these are the track team and the softball team. In the adjacent, smaller lot, we have the tennis stuff. So as I was standing out In Left, kids kept running through as they were doing laps for track practice.

After about 15 minutes of counting the near misses with the track kids and the number of times one of the outfield girls in her gym outfit had to run into the baseball space, surrounded by the guys in their pristine uniforms, Aine came back. And I relinquished left field.

I walked over to my supervisor and he had me watch the bucket as he hit balls out to the girls.

It was classic.

As I stood there he complained about his job in English, wishing that it would rain on Thursday so the game would be cancelled. He asked if he sounded childish. I said no. He was the best sports manager ever. If the game was cancelled, they couldn't lose it.

They took a break and then went back to playing. I continued passing the balls and the boy kept complaining.

I'm not 100% sure what happened next as much as I was looking out toward the field, and then I heard the pitcher yell, "Gomen, Emily! I'm sorry, Emily!"

A split second later the top of my left arm felt like it exploded inside.

I dropped the bucket of balls and tried my best not to cry

It was difficult. I managed to get out, "I'm done."

And walked back to the school. The baseball coach, "I'm so sorry. Ahh-no, let's go to the hospital. You can get shippu. Your father...he's such a big strong guy. He shook my hand..."

"Yeah, bikkuri shita ('I was suprised'). The pitcher has a strong arm."

So they gave me a shippu in the nurse's office. Over here BenGay isn't so big. Instead you can buy a hot patch or a cool patch to put on your injuries. So they gave me one of the cold ones to put on my arm.

Today it was raining. I had to walk as I refuse to ride my bike in the rain. I got into the office and my super was like, "Oh, it's too bad. And the game is cancelled."


"You did a good job helping us practice. You deserve a beer."

There was a dinner planned for tonight. It was to celebrate the student teacher finishing her week.

So, we all went to dinner at the Chinese place that the student teacher was working part-time at. It was pretty good. And the folks gave us dessert on the house.

When it came time to split the bill, my super bought my dinner.

When he gave me a ride home, I told him the next time that he wishes for it to rain, he should be specific and ask for just enough to cancel softball games. He said that he would be sure to include in his prayers next time that I should be paired up again with Difficult Sensei. Smart Alec.