Dream Entry

So I should have written about my dream sooner, I guess.  I was looking at news online today and saw that the Orionids meteor shower to supposed to peak early Sunday morning. In my dream, giant meteors were flying through the dusky sky. At first I was watching them from the back of my dad's house.  (Well, the dream version of the house.)  I had pushed open the sliding glass door and was trying to watch them, although only half-heartedly doing it because I was trying to figure out what I should do next.  I had the BBC documentary when they showed Berlin getting slammed by meteors in my head: 

The strange thing is that the overhang on the back of the house only goes out about a foot, but I was standing far enough in the house that I could only hear the meteors and not see them.  I could see that the sky was turning red too.

Jump to the next scene where I must have been looking for members of my family, but I could only find my youngest sister, Sarah.  I was trying to tell her about the meteors as we were on a large bus.  They started streaking across the sky and she freaked out and ran up the aisle of the bus from which we could suddenly see a full panorama of the sky.  Kind of like the whole roof of the bus had suddenly disappeared, but the floor and the wheels and everything was still there and moving.  The sun must have been setting because the sky was orange and red and the meteors were big and like big broken pieces of concrete.  Like big pieces of a highway.  The rocks were very low in the sky and almost car-sized, yet I didn't see or hear any of them crash.  (Also, a large white circular spinning UFO flew by too.)

Lately, since I've been so busy, most of my dreams kind of rehash what I did during the day, or I live a scenerio from a movie or TV show that I watched.  (When I woke up this morning, I was having a dream that could have been a story on the Japanese TV show I've been downloading called At Home Dad.)  But this meteor dream must have come from somewhere else.  Lord knows it didn't come from the J-news (the only thing I watch on broadcast TV here).  In the mornings before work I watch Mezamashi Terebi. And the thing I noticed about the news here and at home is that both places tend to have their heads planted firmly in their asses.  I mean, if the news here is given the choice to report on a crisis in Africa versus, say, a noodle festival in Kanagawa, they're going for that noodle festival, dammit. Don't believe me?  My morning news is good in that there is a clock at the top of the screen to tell me what time it is.  But they follow the same segment schedule every day. So by the time they show "kyo no wanko" ("Today's Puppy,")

I have five minutes till I need to be out the door.