Heart Project (1)

Recently I visited my storage shed and pulled out a few portfolios of work from college and the time before I lived in Japan. Among these is an example of the paintings I did on wood which incorporated carving. I had to abandon this kind of work when I went to Japan and shortly after I returned because I had no space to work in which would allow for woodcutting and gluing cradleboards. Not only that, transportation and shipping were also problematic.

When I found the work, "Up My Sleeve" from 2004, I was pretty excited.

I found this square of plywood at Lowes. It was so ugly, discolored and filled with cracks and worm holes. But once you cut below the surface, there was a yellow-ish layer. Very exciting! It is almost like a yellow cake with chocolate icing. I put it away in storage and have not touched it in almost six years!

I picked it up and carried it back to the apartment last weekend and placed it where I could see it every day. After thinking about it, I want to better incorporate the carved elements and the painting into a unified plane. At the time I made this I was very interested in wood block printmaking. More specifically, I was interested in the wooden matrix left over after the printing was done. I began a few projects exploring this idea, but I could never quite get the two to mesh.

Hopefully I will be able to re-work this piece. I plan to chronicle the process here. In this post you can see the state of this work as I type this entry. This is the first time I´ve done this, but I´m hoping to make this a kind of warm up for my upcoming painting vlogs. The videos should be coming along shortly as we have started assembling a station of sorts around the eMac in the kitchen.