Sustainable Art

Fuseproject is participating in the Salone del Mobile in Milan this year and their team has created these amazing "crystals" made from recycled paper and LED lights. According to the Fuseproject website: For our 4th collaboration with Swarovski debuting at Salone del Mobile we wanted to try something a bit different. While our previous large scale lighting sculptures have showcased the crystal in a grand scale, with this latest project we wanted to bring the notion of accessibility and sustainability to crystal lighting.

It is a pursuit in our work to try to achieve the maximum effect with the minimum amount of materials and energy: we want to create consciously and conscientiously and yet there is a need for beauty. So the challenge is to re-think how to achieve the magical effect of many crystals on a chandelier: can we amplify a single crystal and create an entire chandelier?

Traditional chandeliers are made of numerous lights and crystals, we wanted to change this equation: 1 crystal + 1 low energy LED light + a faceted paper shade = AMPLIFY. Resulting in multiple beautiful reflections and rainbow color bursts…Just what is expected from crystal, but this time the effect is amplified to get the most out of just one crystal.

AMPLIFY is a beautiful single crystal light, or it can be grouped to create a bigger effect.

We designed 6 different shapes, each one carefully crafted to maximize refractions on the inner surfaces. This effect can be seen on the faceted shade material, thus emulating the cut and reflective nature of the crystal inside. Each chandelier becomes its own large glowing crystal.

The AMPLIFY chandelier’s aim is to put the Swarovski crystal effect into the hands of more people through the simple construction, easily accessible light source and sustainable material. Each of the chandeliers will be available in production from Swarovski in the next year. To continue to amplify the concept of accessible crystal, each of the six unique lantern shapes are housed in a flat package that echoes the shape of the chandelier it contains. The packaging graphics are simple and illustrative to reflect the different shade shapes and components contained inside.

The Swarovski Crystal Palace MilanAMPLIFY launch exhibit will present 50 AMPLIFY chandeliers, contained in a black lacquered room as a large sculptural cluster, emerging from the dark with blazing crystal effects, yet sustainable.

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