Outer Space

I'm procrastinating. I agreed to design the Hyogo Times, a magazine for the ALT's (foreign English teachers in my prefecture/ state).  The thing is that there have been all kinds of problems.  First, I had memory problems on a computer that shouldn't be having them.  Then I've had to teach myself how to use the InDesign software.  It is similar to Photoshop and Illustrator in a lot of ways, but it's pretty different.  So I'm the reason why this month's issue is coming out late (it's my first one).

If you want to see what they looked like last year, you can check them out here.


In other news I thought it was funny that there seemed to be a bunch of space news this week.  First off, I'm not sure if I've posted this before, but if you haven't seen it, this site is pretty cool.  This is the site for Virgin Galactic. These folks are really pushing for commercial space travel.  No, I have no interest in going, but still it's pretty interesting.  Check out their 'Let the Journey Begin' video,  if you have a minute.

That being said, I hadn't really thought about this stuff for a while until this week when I saw the article about astronauts flying drunk and the one about the explosion out in the desert.

I can barely handle flying in the regular plane, much less think about going to space.  Especially since these are going to be $200,000 flights for about 5 minutes of outerspace/weightlessness time.