I'm Back

The flight back to Japan was OK, and it was almost as if Northwest knew that this would be my last flight with them. I had gotten myself prepared for take off with a drink at the airport bar (boo), and the flight ended up getting delayed for 2 hours. The airport in Detroit knows that people will often be stranded at their airport so the employees are subsequently rude and there are no seats one can stretch out on.

I got to the airport in Osaka just in time to go through customs, change my money and run like crazy for the last bus to Himeji.

I have made up my mind, though. Next time back I will fly on Korean Air. The service is good, the flight attendants are attractive and smart. Most of them can communicate with passengers in Korean, English or Japanese. The price isn't bad and I can earn miles on the same alliance.

Speaking of which, my NWA account states that I have a total of 41,502 miles since starting with them in 2003. (The circumference of the Earth at the equator is 24,902.4 miles.) I guess I'll be getting even more miles if I fly with Korean Air in the future because I'll be flying from Osaka to Incheon (Seoul) and then Seoul to Atlanta. But I think it'll be worth it. If I can get flights that are fairly close together, the flight time is roughly the same (around 14 to 15 hours all together - depending on the weather/ flight plan).

Did I mention there will be free booze?!