Thailand (Day 1)

Made it to the loop line.  Apparently I looked like a J-person that day. As I was waiting for the train I heard a small voice say, "Sumimasen..."

I turned around, unsure it was for me, and a small, young woman.  As soon as she saw my face, she kind of made a disappointed sound and turned away.  On the train I noticed her talking to her friends about a Chinese.  Which was a little shocking because she was a little nihonjin-poi too.

Got to the cheapo hotel we were going to stay in that night, the Sun Plaza II. called Trish to make sure I was at the right place.  Had to make sure there wasn't a Sun Plaza I or something.  I was right.  Our room was pretty small.  I think the website said that it was 4.5 tatami mats big.  There was some kind of shelf, a small TV, and a small fridge that Trish had unplugged because she said it was too noisy.

We gossiped and slept on thin futons.  Neither of us wanted to use the common wash room/ shower.  I went downstairs to buy a drink from the machine and a large metal shutter had been pulled down over the entrance and front windows.  Every half hour the building seemed to shudder a little bit.