Image Source: Emily Clanton | "Pigment Powder"  (cc 4.0)

Image Source: Emily Clanton | "Pigment Powder" (cc 4.0)

Explore Japanese Painting with Materials Sourced Closer to Home!

This site is dedicated to researching traditional, more sustainable water-based art materials and methods of using them.  I plan to share my findings in a usable format, not unlike a cooking blog or cookbook that explains how one might execute a painting using the traditional methods.  This would then be followed by workarounds for those who cannot access the exact materials due to geographic, social or financial constraints.


My initial project will be to research nihonga painting.  What’s that exactly?


Nihonga (日本画) or literally "Japanese-style paintings" are paintings that have been made in accordance with traditional Japanese artistic conventions, techniques and materials.  While based on traditions over a thousand years old, the term was coined in the Meiji period of the Imperial Japan, to distinguish such works from Western-style paintings, or Yōga (洋画).


My hope is to facilitate the study of aqueous media for all interested learners.

If you are interested in a longer explanation of why I started this project site, please visit the first post on the blog!