Exploring Traced Images

After a few sketches I have found that the graphite lines from my ebony pencil tend to overpower the watercolors I have been making. It doesn't really matter how lightly I bear down. Since I know that nihonga painters generally make a sketch first and then use transfer paper to place their image onto the painting matrix, I have decided to improve my skill at doing that.

I made a trip to the local Michael's and grabbed a few different products. Including:

After sketching an abstract image from a photo, I traced the lines with one of my new Faber-Castell pens - the one with the thinnest tip.



I used the blue chacopaper since I'm working on white paper which is suitable for mixed media. I've never used it before, but it promises to be removable with water.


After finishing my tracing, I started blocking in areas of color with a mixture of dye made from yellow onion and a simple binder. So far, so good!