Balancing A Day Job with Creative Ventures

Japanese art history and business books from the library

The first thing I did today was to sit down and write an update about the progress on my project. I'm in the midst of writing up an editorial calendar and personal / professional budget for the rest of the year. So hopefully my written updates will begin to fall into a more regular schedule soon. In addition, I hope to complete my vlogging set up completely. It's been surprisingly hard to find the right table. 

One of my primary challenges, however, has been managing mental bandwidth. It seems that many of my creative contemporaries manage the day job / side hustle problem by intentionally (or subconsciously) choosing jobs which place more emphasis on the body than the mind. By which I mean their jobs focus on punctuality, construction of products / experiences, facilitation of commerce, and managing data - both physically and virtually. I currently work for a start up publisher and consider myself to be a knowledge worker. I'm serving up fresh squeezed Create-And-Define-Your-Own-Role Brain Juice every day during the week. So the best strategy I've come up with has been to front load my work days with "art stuff." Of course, any thoughts / suggestions on mental bandwidth strategy would be appreciated. :-)

In the meantime, I thought I would give a quick overview of my planned highlights for the next year:

  • Attend a nihonga workshop with Judith Kruger in Connecticut this September.
  • Enroll in a structured Japanese language course. I've been studying a little over ten years now, but my writing and speaking skills have declined since returning to the U.S. about six years ago. 
  • Continue to build out this website with information about water-based painting materials, natural dyes and my own artistic discoveries. 

I will be launching my crowdfunding campaign soon. Stay tuned!