Recent Portrait

I'm still picking at this portrait, so I don't want to put up a full view of the picture just yet. I'm having a challenge with the outline of the head. This is probably coming from the fact that I don't have an ideal set up for working in the apartment. This was painted with acrylic paint on Arches paper. It's from a dream that I had. In the dream I was visiting the dentist for the first time in a long time. I initially spoke with the dentist and we decided what needed to be done. She then handed me a large, old glass bottle. It was made from thick brown glass with the brittle, yellowing label. She wanted me to drink from the bottle so she could begin to work on my teeth. That was when I decided that it would be best to leave.

Before leaving she wanted to check me with a special light. She turned off the overhead light and switched on a purple light which resembled a black light in a florescent tube. Shining the light next to face she made an "ah ha" sound. I wasn't sure what she was looking at so I turned around to look at myself in the mirror behind me. My face was bathed in purple light and down the side of my neck I could see a lighted pattern which resembled a DNA test.